No Update :/

well, today there is no update about Last Memories, why? well, the scenario writer is very busy, so it can't be helped. For now I just playing game like DotA, or online game like Emil Chronicle Online. It's very amusing, especially for Emil Chronicle Online. well yeah, I play special region game you know. It's ONLY for JAPAN, Outside from Japan will be banned! I'm happy can write kanji, but not that good. How about its screenshot? wanna see? It's anime game, and it really has ANIME inside it? I'll show you.

 It's Madoka Cosplay

 My first human-shaped cat

 boy can wear these suits lol

Fishing together in a well.

it's nice right? there are a lot of problem if you play this game.
you need a lot of experience in japanese, and you need Japan's VPN to play. but it's worth if you can play this. My character's job is Swordman lev 28/32.

That's all I think, i hope you can join me there. And remember, no english there, if you chat in open, use japanese, if it's ring (clan), or party, use whatever you can :D
but remember, it's great if you party with your friends :D
Then Cya~

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