Another Chronicle "Lucifer" || アナザークロニクル「ルチフェロ」

Good morning everyone, today I will show you one of new feature that ECO add to the game play. Since some months ago, ECO add a new feature called Another Chronicle. This feature allow strength boost as well as magic boost to its user. Depend on what Lore you want to use. Refers to wiki, users are allowed to choose between three major categories: FT classes, SU classes, BP classes, or NV/JO classes.


Class (クラス)Lore (ロア)
Novice / Joker (ノービス/ジョーカー)Iris Another (イリス・アナザー)
Fighter (ファイター系)Bastet Another (バステト・アナザー)
Captain Kid Another (キャプティン・キッド・アナザー)
Wolf Another (ウールフ・アナザー)
Lucifer Another (ルチフェロ・アナザー)
Spell User (魔法使い)Alucard Another (アルカード・アナザー)
Kiyohime Another (清姫・アナザー)
Lu Fei Another (ル・フェイ・アナザー)
Lorelei Another (ローレライ・アナザー)
Backpacker (バックパッカー系)Tamamo Another (玉藻・アナザー)
Paracelsus Another (パラケルスス・アナザー)
Mephistopheles Another (メフィストフェレス・アナザー)

Since my character's current style is Smash Mode, so I prefer Lucifer rather than other Another. Lucifer's skill is very strong and its fragments are quite expensive than other Another. So Lucifer's skills are:


Active/PassiveSkill Name (スキル名)SP MP Cost
ActiveAnother Release (アナザー解放)0 SP 0 MP
PassiveEinsatz (アインザッツ)0 SP 0 MP
ActiveConcertato (コンチェルタート)300 SP 0 MP
ActiveIntermezzo (インテルメッツォ)450 SP 0 MP

For skill preview, see images below:


Another Chronicle Lucifer Gameplay Demo:


Well, that's all for today. Thanks for reading and see you again~


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