Modifying ECO's Skin || 手作りのECOスキン

Good Morning Everyone! Are you missing me?

Hello everyone, today I will show you my work to customize ECO's Skin. According to the wiki, players can customize the skin of ECO as they wish! and you can do it! As long as you can use Image Editor to edit then no problem.
So, my customized skins is like these:


Skill Hotkeys' Skin | ホットキーのスキン

Another Window's Skin | アナザーウィンドウのスキン

Chat Log's Skin | チャットログのスキン

DEMIC's Locked Skin | DEMICのロックスキン

DEMIC's Unlocked Skin | DEMICのアンロックスキン

DEMIC's Limitation Chip Skin | DEMICのリミテーションチップスキン

Menu's Button Skin | メニューボタンのスキン

Menus Contents' Skin | メニュー中身のスキン

Elements' Skin |エレメントのスキン

That's all from today, the next update will talking about Another Chronicle of Lucifer! Looking Forward for It!

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