Winning Annual Lottery || お年玉くじ当たった!

Hello, and good morning everyone. Last night I checked my gladiator character and I found this mail from ECO Management Team. This is my first time winning lottery from ECO. Well this lottery is annual, and will be given if you already passed some requirements. This message tells me that I get 16 characters of Item Ticket. Do you get a same message from ECO Management too?


Then, I go to center of Uptown to take my present, and there is a NPC and Blue Lottery Machine as well.

From there, I got some items. First Spring Flower, two Socks, and Ribbon.

Then I give them to my DEM character, Sakuya.

It's pretty fun to get free item from Management Team, if you didn't get any, don't worry! Next year will be your day! Well, that's all from me. Thanks for Reading~


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  1. Congratulations winning!
    The movement of the ribbon is fun.