Trip to Singapore (シンガポールへ旅行)

Good morning and hello everyone, I hope you are fine today. Recently I went to Singapore for Industrial Visit. I went there for 4 days starting from Sunday. Well lots of things happened but it's fun and refreshing. It's good to see another culture in neighborhood country in ASEAN. So here we are:


Morning Breakfast with Bread and Green Tea Jam (パンとグリーンティージャム)
Morning Business (朝の忙しさ)
SMRT - Singapore Mono Rail Transport (MRTのレールです)
The Train (電車)
Arrived at Singapore University of Technology and Design (Singapore University of Technology and Designに居ました)
Note : This temple is a gift from a famous actor (この建物は人気な俳優さんからの贈り物)
Night View Merlion (ナイトビューマーライオン)
Marina Bay Night View (マリナべー)
Universal Studio in Singapore (Universalスタジオ、シンガポールに)
Universal Studio's Gate (Universalスタジオの入り口)
Please Watch Out Your Step (足元にお気をつけてください)
Merlion Looking at Marina Bay (マーライオンとマリナべー)
Marina Bay (マリナべー)
Merlion Front Side (マーライオンべー)
Bonus : Ice Cream Sandwich (おまけ:アイスクリームサンドイッチ
Thanks for reading as usual, that's all from me. See you again~

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  1. Merlion is big,
    but buildings are much bigger !