Onigiri and Lemper (おにぎりとレンペル)

Good afternoon, Sakuya here. Today, I've supplementary class in university so I went there in the morning. Before arriving, I went to conventional store to buy some breakfast (Skipping it is not good). Then I found this Onigiri in there. Tuna with Mayonnaise! It's so delicious, so I decided to buy it again when returning home. I bought another flavors like Hot Tuna, and Hot Chicken.


Tuna with Mayo(マヨマグロ)
Hot Tuna (ホットマグロ)
Hot Chicken(ホットチキン)

Then in Indonesia, we have something like this too! We called it with "Lemper". Lemper is made from sticky rice, filled with meat inside it. And we need to steam it. There are two types of this food. But Lemper is well-known! Different with Onigiri, Lemper is filled chicken meat or meat floss, usually Lemper wrapped with banana's leaves, or egg roll!


Lemper with Chicken
Beside chicken, Lemper can be filled with red meat or even fish! But the meat must be processed, since Lemper is snack, not heavy food.

Lemper with Meat
The Meat
Unlike Onigiri, Lemper must be cooked twice. First is cook the sticky rice, and then steam it. Or even grill! It's very delicious, and the people love it. Lemper very cheap rather than Onigiri. I bought those 3 Onigiri for 18,000 IDR, you can get more with Lemper.

おにぎりと違って、Lemperは2回目料理が必要。 最初は餅米、そしてスチーム。ゴリルもできる!とっても美味しいですから、みんなが大好き~ それに、Lemperは安いです。18.000IDRの3個のおにぎりはいっぱいLemperをもらいますよ。

Food Difference 食べ物の違い
Onigiri Filling :
Lemper Filling :
  1. Pickled ume
  2. Salted salmon
  3. Katsubushi
  4. Kombu
  5. Tarako
  1. Chicken
  2. Meat
  3. Fish

That's all from me, it's really delicious right? It's easy to make them. Don't Worry! As usual, thanks for reading. see you again!


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  1. There are a lot of kinds of Onigiri in the store near my home.
    My favorite Onigiri-fillings are
    pickled plum (Umeboshi) ,
    seasoned cod roe (Mentaiko),
    and shrimp mayonnaise (Ebi-Mayoneezu).
    Lemper looks delicious ! I want to eat it.