Jepara's After Exam Trip (ジェパラへ試験あとの旅行)

Hello everyone! It's nice to see you today! Do you know I'm going to Jepara this Wednesday? Yes, it's very fun you know. Even though I can't online for that day.
So, what is Jepara? Where is it? Jepara is a district in Central Java. It's located in north of Java Island. And it'll take 3 hours by bus from my hometown.

では、ジェパラって何?どこにあります?ジェパラは中のジャヴァにあります。 北のジャヴァのあたりです。あそこへ行くのは3時間かかります、バスで。

(Left side is North)

So where did I go to in Jepara? Beach of course! The first beach is Kartini Beach, the name Kartini taken from our hero in the past. And the last one is Bandengan Beach. Since Jepara is pretty wide, so it may have two or more beaches. 

- Kartini Beach (Kartini ビーチ)
Even though the beach didn't have sandy area, yet you can see Karimun Java Island from here. I take lots of photos so, please enjoy yourself!
たとえ、砂エリアはなし。ここから「Karimun Java」島、見るのはできる!色んな写真取ったよ、それでは、ごゆっくり~

Pantai Kartini/Kartini Beach
(Kartini ビーチ)

It's not really a beach but the sea is the important thing!

It's Karimun Java Island! We need Speed Boat to get there.
You can see the fisherman! (4x zoom)
(Karimun Java)島です!スピードボートでできる!
漁師さん見えた! (4回ズーム))

 Deep Sea Border

3 colored water (the water is blue, but the deepness of the land decide)

Wooden Crab eating iP*d (not mine thought)

Starfish? Blue Starfish

Shark, Turtle, and some fishes

I don't know that kind of fish

Turtle up close

That's the adventure in Kartini Beach, so we move to the next destination: Bandengan Beach. Yes, it is a beach! At least I can play sand, and water!


- Bandengan Beach (Bandengan ビーチ)
Since Jepara is surrounded by sea, it has lots of beach including Kartini and Bandengan. So enjoy my photos!

ジェパラは海に囲まれた(半分) 、その理由で色んな海があります。他の写真どうぞう~

Taken from faraway, but you can enjoy the sand!

Sand! Water! and Sea!

 Some additional.

Yeah, that was my trip with my friends in Jepara, it's pretty fun to play in here! How about in ECO's world? Is there has any beach? Yes, Titania Beach in ECO Town! It's accessible via Rainbow Tiny in Tiny Island


Say Hi to Tiny Alma!
Tiny : "At the moment we are in Titania Beach, enjoy your time in here!"

Tiny : "It's okay to swim here as long as you didn't pass the sea limit.
Be careful when swimming in beach, avoid injury by warming up!"

タイに :「ここに泳ぐのはオッケーです、リミットを渡せないなら。

That's all from me, and thanks for reading and see you again!

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  1. It is fun to go into the water in the beach !
    There are some good beaches in my town,
    but now, it is very cold in my country.