Hajimaru yo~

nom nom nom, yey. Now I already started writing of the game. After short checking, my work now is better than before, oh yeah :D

Let's check this out, I use my last photographics as resource background!

- Title Screen -

- Enter Screen -

- Chapter 1 -

Soon I'll ask my scenario staff to finish the scenario. Yes this is a certain thing, since I see something nice in this game. Well I don't know whether I can finish it or not, but at least trying to create :D
Yey, keep up-to-date with me for the Last Memories ~Lovely Friendship~ :D
"Being serious will make you crazy, you don't have any choices but to do it!"

Thanks for:
- All staffs (IruRui, and f1rstjojo)
- TAM Music Factory
- a certain character maker program
- You as reader :D

Then see you again :D

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